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The application failed to start correctly 0xc00007b – fix

    I use windows 7 64 bit on one of my pc. Recently I’ve installed a GPU on it and decided to play some games. I installed Far Cry 3 first. It didn’t start and displayed a message like this:

    So I installed another game, Crysis 2. The same message came up. I started doing some research on it. I reinstalled the visual c++ redistributable packages. But that didn’t fix the problem. So I installed directx 9c. That too didn’t bring any luck. I even updated .NET framework version to 4.6. But the result remained the same.

    Finally I decided to reinstall the directX entirely. So I downloaded the DirectX web installer tool from here:

    After running the tool, it started downloading directX components one by one. The whole process took approximately an hour and a half. After it finished installing the components, I did reboot the system and all the games I installed started working correctly.