How to restart Sony Xperia Z

So I was playing GT Racing 2 on my Xperia Z one evening. When I was done and chose to quit, the system froze. This was the first time something like this had happened. I didn’t panic. I was certain that a manufacturer like Sony would not build something that would be hard to fix. So I pressed the power button and held it for some time. There was no response which made me to miss the “removable battery” for the first time since I bought this device.

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I did a quick search on Google regarding how to force reboot an android device. I pressed and held power + volume down button and succeeded in taking a screenshot only . So I did another search, this time specifying Xperia Z. Turned out it was power + volume up button for this device. I pressed and held those keys for 10-15 seconds.The device vibrated and the turned off. I held the power button this time and it did boot successfully.

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