Entering into the world of Internet

I’m familiar with the term “Internet” since 1999, thanks to the computer magazines I used to read as a kid. However, I had the firsthand experience in 2006. It was GPRS service on my phone (Siemens M55) and I used it mostly for reading articles and downloading MIDI ringtones (anyone remember those free wap sites?). The speed was really low (2-4 kBps) and charge was pretty high (0.1 bdt per kB). But since I used to browse wap sites mainly, it wasn’t really much of an issue back then.

By 2007, EDGE service was available almost all over Dhaka, the city I live in. I had a Nokia 6630 at that time which was a smartphone of that era. It had support for both EDGE and 3G, so the connection speed was pretty good (10-15 kBps). Broadband wasn’t available on my area, so I decided to use the EDGE service for a while. The monthly package was for 1150 bdt including VAT. It was kind of pricey, especially for a student like me. But I decided to use it anyway. I spent first few days downloading application, game, ringtone and theme for my phone. Then I decided to use this my PC. Using Nokia PC Suite, it was really easy.

I spent next few days downloading more content for my phone. I also found a site where latest movies were shared as small sized files (2 parts, 50 – 70 megabytes each). It was really a wonderful experience for me!

I got broadband connection in 2008. Here’s a list of packages I’ve used so far since then:

  • 72 kbps in 2008 for 1000 bdt
  • 128 kbps in 2009 for 1100 bdt
  • 256 kbps in 2010 for 950 bdt
  • 384 kbps in 2011 for 1250 bdt, this time I got connection using optical fiber
  • 384 kbps in 2012 for 1000 bdt
  • 512 kbps in 2012 for 1000 bdt
  • 1 mbps in 2013 for 1400 bdt
  • 3 mbps in 2015 for 2500 bdt

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