Why I switched away from Yify rips

I have been using internet actively since 2006. But when it comes to torrent downloading, I’m pretty much a newbie. I started downloading torrents in 2010. I was mostly dependent on axxo rips for movies. In 2011, axxo disappeared and a new ripper emerged, Yify. Since then, I used to download yify rips. Two factors affected that decision – file size and number of seeders. I was using a 384 kbps connection at that time. So the file size was really convenient for me.

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One issue that I noticed with the content was that the audio was pretty low. On PC, it wasn’t much of a problem using VLC and external speakers. But once I started trying these on my TV, the audio issue started to bother me. On some movies, I could barely hear the dialogue. So I started doing some online research regarding this issue. Yify rips movies with 64 kbps audio which is barely standard. I tried torrents from some other rippers (Shaanig, Ganool, Sparks, Jyk etc.) and noticed significant difference in terms of both audio and video quality. Also, the movies got really pixelated when viewed on a larger screen. This is when I realized that the resolution is just part of a story. There are other factors that determine the quality of a rip, i.e. bit-rate, encoding technique, encoding speed etc. Once I had the chance to explore 720p rips from other encoders, I understood those differences pretty well.

I’m not going to claim that Yify rips are terrible, they are not. If you are watching movies on a small screen (phone or laptop or 720p monitor), you will be fine with these. However, if you plan to watch the content on a bigger display, like on a 52″ TV for example, you will be bothered with the quality of the content.

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