Phone models I’ve used

I started using cellphone in August 2005. It was a Mitsubishi Trium model. My uncle used that handset for a while and then it gathered dust for quite a while. So when I got my hands on it, the battery wasn’t at its best shape. I managed a sim card, changed the battery and started using it.


The ‘new’ battery wasn’t that great either. I think it was what we call now refurbished product. It didn’t fit properly. So the vibration stopped working. Regardless, I was really happy. Looking at the orange color back-light was a pleasure for me.

After few months, I had some savings and I intended to change the model. I decided to buy Nokia 1100. Yes, the legendary Nokia 1100! The primary attraction for me was obviously the torch. The battery backup was really good. The phone lasted for up to 3 days in a single charge with moderate usage. And using the torch was fun.


By the beginning of 2006, handsets with color displays started being available. The price points were particularly higher, but one should be ready to pay for the latest and greatest. Within my budget there were very few options. One was Siemens M55.


This was my first set with internet support. No EDGE though, just GPRS. But that was good enough. I used this set to browse through wap sites and download MIDI ringtones. I remember passing many evenings sitting on my sofa, browsing through list of ringtones with the charger being plugged into the phone so the phone doesn’t die due to usage. Boy, those were wonderful times….

I used M55 for quite a while. By that time, my brother-in-law purchased a Nokia 7250i. It had a camera module. He decided to switch his model with mine since he had to travel frequently for job purpose. I gladly took the offer.

Nokia 7250i was great. It had better display, battery backup, camera and internet support. But the keypad was defective and battery life degraded pretty quickly. So it was time for another upgrade. This time it was Siemens AX75.

AX75 was pretty stylish and shiny, had 1.5 megabytes memory and IR port for file transfer. It came with WAV audio support which was great. Fancy ringtone was a thing back then and none of us (cellphone holders) hesitated to show-off our ringer whenever possible. Unfortunately, I dropped the phone once. In-fact, now that I remember, it was the only phone I have ever dropped. The earpiece got damaged and audio came out as muffled, even during voice call. So even though I was willing to use it for a while, I had to let it go and pick up Nokia again – 3120.

There were some great things about Nokia 3120. The display was colorful, the battery backup was good, build quality was as usual superb and the speaker output was really decent. Also, the phone came with pre-loaded apps and games. But I was looking for more. Pretty soon, I sold that unit and bought a Siemens C65.

C65 had superb build quality and was hip-hop looking too. It was the second phone I had with camera. IR port, 10 megabytes internal memory, internet support, apps and games support, USB file sharing with PC, WAV, AMR and MIDI ringtone support, 3GP video playback. In short, it was a pretty steep jump for me. I used this model for exactly 8 months.

I had the opportunity to upgrade the model after my HSC exam in 2007. I bought Sony Ericsson W200i which was the first phone I used with external memory support. It also had 27 megabytes internal, IR port, VGA camera, really stylish look and premium quality headphone. Also, the speaker output was decent. The phone had USB file storage enabled. So plug and play with any windows PC. It was a really good phone. But by the time I got it, Symbian OS was rising at a steady pace. Phones with bigger and better display, bluetooth, unlimited video recording and playback, much better app support were being available. I was aware about all this and it was really frustrating me. I didn’t think much and sold out the phone for a Nokia 5200. I still regret that decision.

5200 was a cool phone. It was one of the first generation Nokia Xpress Music handsets with microsd card support, VGA camera and much better audio support. My unit was defected though. I couldn’t hear anything over the earpiece. So I dropped the phone in the same shop I bought it from in the very next day and got a Nokia 3230.

Now that was a wise move. Nokia 3230 was the first Symbian phone I’ve used. With excellent build quality, 2.1″ display, external memory support, MP3, WAV, OGG, MP4, AVI, 3GPP playback support, plenty of third party apps and games – using the phone was a treat. I bought a 1 GB memory card to keep my collection of songs and videos on the phone and managed a decent headphone to enjoy the media consumption experience. The availability of both bluetooth and IR port was a plus. I even controlled my TV set with the IR blaster and third party app.

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